ARFC range of products include ....

AM broadcast transmitters
AM couplers, tuners and matching transformers
Audio balancing/unbalancing amplifiers
Audio distribution amplifiers
Audio over IP codecs
Automatic audio switchers
Audio routers
Audio streaming over FM
Band pass filters
Broadcast audio mixers
CD players / recorders
Coaxial cable
Coaxial connectors
Digital and analog microwave links
Digital modulators
Digital USB/AES/SPDIF interface
Electron tubes for AM, FM and TV transmitters
Emergency alert systems
Fibreglass AM transmitting antennas
FM band scanners
FM broadcast antennas
FM broadcast processors
FM broadcast transmitters - digital and analog
FM combiners 
FM modulation monitors
FM power amplifiers
FM power splitters
FM re-broadcast receivers
GPS locked timing reference
Headphones and headsets

Microphone stands and boom-arms
MPEG encoders and multiplexers
MIP inserter ( SFN adaptor )
On-air lights and controllers
Profanity delays
Programme fail alarms
Programme monitoring
RF patch panels
RF coaxial connectors
RDS encoders
RF power measuring instruments
RF test loads

Satellite uplinks and IRD receivers
Studio clock system
Stereo coders
Studio microphones
Television broadcast transmitters - digital and analog
Television broadcast antennas

Television channel combiners
Television power splitters

Telemetry and change-over equipment
Telephone hybrids
UHF radio links ( STL )
USB audio codecs
Vacuum capacitors
Vacuum relays, interruptors and contactors
Voltage stabilisers and transformers

VU meter panels